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To be without water!

If you don’t want to be one of the people that is dependent on the municipality when the water is been off for a reason.
You know the frustration of not knowing anything.
It doesn’t help to phone the municipality.
They do not answer the phone and if they answer the phone.
That person is the one that know absolutely nothing.
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Solution for the water disruption crisis.

It is a crisis that is for sure.
Get your emergency water unit installed today.
We will deliver and install the emergency water unit.
All you have to do is to enjoy the water when your neighbors are without water.

Emergency water unit.

The emergency water unit consist of a 5 000 liter water tank and a pressure pump.
We also make sure that your water does not flow back into the municipality water pipeline when the water from the municipality is off.
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Our main Focus is that of the health and well-being of our clients.
The correct water treatment process for the water source.
The correct water treatment systems for that specific water treatment process.
No thumb suck, only facts from the water test report.
No shortcuts, we talking about your health.
Your health and well-being is on the line or is it in the water?