Borehole Water

Important information regarding borehole water.

Borehole water for household.

I want to use our borehole water for our household.
What would you recommended?
First step and most important is to get your borehole water tested.
• We have negotiated a better price with the laboratory that we use.
• Contact us and we will assist you.
• This test is expensive but it must be done.
• When we get the test results back.
• We can now decide what systems will suite that borehole the best.
• If there is some harmful stuff in the water we must address it.
• Take note that the water quality can change anytime.
• That all depends what happens in the catchment area of the borehole.
• Never assume that the borehole water is safe.
• We have found some boreholes that are contaminated.
• Some can cause kidney failure over a time and other illnesses.

Borehole water near squatter camps.

  • You can’t see from what direction the water flow.
    • Every shack in the squatter camps has a pit toilet.
    • That pit toilet is just a hole in the ground and that is it.
    • There is no standard that is followed.
    • As with complexes there is a very strict standard that must be followed by the letter.
    • The French drain is the most common septic tank.
    • With the pit toilets the rain water and that of the people filters down into the ground.
    • Don’t think it filters the waste out.
    • No it stays in the ground and water.
    • When there is a heavy rain the underground water rice and this is where the problem is.
    • The groundwater flow in natural pipes in the ground.
    • This water can come directly from a pit toilet.
    • I have found roundworms in a client’s borehole water.
    • The nearest pit toilet was only 600 meters from their borehole.
    • They were not at all surprise.

Before you use your Borehole water.

  • Contact us at 082 269 0210.
    • Get the latest information on water filtration systems.

Is the borehole water safe?

  • Get the water tested at a laboratory.
    Once you have the test results you can email it to