Is there any Live Organisms in Tap Water?

Click on the photo to see some photos of live organisms.
The water that the municipality provide is clean.
That is what you believe.
Let’s first take a look to the overall picture of service delivery in South Africa excluding the Western Cape.
The roads are in a poor state.
Drive around in some suburbs like Brits.
You will ask the question, when are they going to grade the tar road?
The roads are full of pot holes.
At some places you can’t dive faster than 20 kilometer an hour.
Look to the road signs and the robots that are out of order from weeks or months.
Every sector of the government is a mess.
If everything falling apart and is in such a poor state.
They even let sewerage flow into the rivers where we get our water from.
Why do you think the water will be better?
The photos that you see here is photos that I myself have taken from water samples during services on water systems.

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