Water Treatment Advice

Please provide me with water treatment advice.

The following information is required:
What water do you want to treat?
Let’s say municipality water.
There are 5 people in the house.

Water treatment advice for municipality water.

The water is already been treated.
The only water treatment systems that I would recommend are the following.
A UV light that treat all the water that is been used on the premises.
This is to kill all live organisms that may be present in the water.
The second system is a 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
That is to remove all harmful stuff from the water.
Forget the story about, “you need the minerals”.
We get our minerals from the fruit and vegetables we eat not from water.
That is the only two systems that I recommend.
Nothing more.

Want to know more about water treatment.

If you are serious about your water treatment.
Talk to us by contacting us on 082 269 0210.
You can email us at do@askit.co.za.

Water Treatment Advice

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.


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